About us

Our Practice

Hobart Cardiology and Medical Specialists provides an extensive suite of cardiological care. We also offer neurology,  general medicine, orthopaedics and endocrinology specialist medical care.

Local expertise along with visiting medical specialists from the mainland allow us to provide a comprehensive cardiological service on-site. For more complicated procedures that are not performed in Hobart, we deliver pre- and post-procedural care.

We welcome enquiries from medical specialists to join our rooms.

Contact Jenny Coombes, Business Manager on 0407247006 or Dr Michael Coombes, 0400993711. Enquiries from all specialists would be welcomed and a family team would be accommodated easily in our multi-disciplinary practice.



Best quality staff and equipment

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are committed to ongoing education, refinement of their skills, and best practice. We have a purpose-built facility, and the latest diagnostic equipment. Employment opportunities may arise from time to time.

Our patients can expect to be received into a calm, professional environment that makes them feel safe and secure at what can be a stressful time.

Our diagnostic and testing services include ECG, holter monitoring, event monitoring, pacemaker follow up, stress testing, echocardiography, stress echocardiography, 24 hour BP monitoring, coronary angiography and CT coronary angiography.



GP and patient support

We understand that patients require explanations in plain English, and support our consultations with our library of supporting information on conditionsprocedures and healthy living.

We also appreciate that GPs need timely support both at an initial enquiry level, as well as with follow-up communications. Most importantly, we aim to provide rapid access for emergency patients. Accessibility is fundamental to this practice and we work across both public and private hospitals and are located centrally to both Hobart Private and Royal Hobart Hospital.


Private hospital care

All of our doctors participate in no gap cover with the private health companies. If you require admission to either Hobart Private Hospital or Calvary, you will not be out of pocket for any in hospital services provided by our doctors.