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A timely, accessible practice

Hobart Cardiology and Medical Specialists aims to be a centre of excellence. To achieve this we provide timely, accessible and ethical services, with explanations in plain English. We will ensure that we see your patient when they need to be seen and we are here to answer your questions and respond to your enquiries. You can expect from us timely and clear communication regarding your patients.

How to order cardiac testing

About us

We have built our practice on a philosophy of holistic assessment, knowing that lifestyle changes are vital in the management of many disease processes.

We aim to provide the highest possible quality of patient care with better and more immediate access to services and specialist areas.

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Looking for New Rooms?

Architecturally designed specialist rooms with excellent support staff and systems.

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Refer your patients

We welcome referrals for both specialist assessment and diagnostic testing.

If you do not currently have a Hobart Cardiology referral pad, please use our printable PDF form until we can arrange a delivery for you.

Alternatively you can simply write us a letter or use the template in your practice software. Our preferred method of receiving referrals is by Healthlink. We also accept faxes.

We welcome referrals for cardiology, electrocardiology, neurology, geriatric, orthopaedics and endocrinology patients.

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Patient resources

To help your patients further understand the heart, their conditions and any procedures they may need to undergo, we have sourced an excellent video library with associated printable material. The library is used and endorsed by a range of respected organisations including the American Heart Association, World Heart Federation, American Society of Echocardiography, European Society of Cardiology, and the American College of Cardiology.

We encourage you to share this with your patients to find information relevant to them, at their convenience.


This selection of videos provides information on the range of conditions that affect the heart

and describe them in easy-to-follow language and illustrations.

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These short videos explain more about the procedures that you may be referring them for, or we may recommend.

It is a good idea to encourage patients to view them to prepare for upcoming procedures and appointments.

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Healthy living

These tips on a healthy heart include aspects such as diet, exercise and, importantly, quitting smoking.

They will support the advice that you are providing for your patient’s general health.

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