For Patients

We understand that medical appointments – and terminology – can be overwhelming and when you get home you may still have questions, or have forgotten some of the details.

This page contains links to a range of educational videos that simply and easily explain common heart conditions, procedures and ways to care for your heart.

Patient resources

You can access to more than 60 clear and concise educational videos that provide information on various heart conditions, procedures that may be undertaken as well as advice on healthy living. This gives an opportunity to get more detail on anything relating to your heart and get answers to questions you may have forgotten to ask.


This selection of videos provides more information about what is happening with your heart.

They cover a range of conditions that affect the heart and describe them in easy-to-follow language and illustrations.

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These short videos explain more about the procedures that you may need to undergo.

You can find out more about what you will happen to you – how the procedures are performed and what we can learn.

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Healthy living

Get tips on making your heart healthy and keeping it that way.

This includes things such as diet, exercise and, importantly, quitting smoking. You can also see an overview of the anatomy of the heart, what the healthy heart looks like and how it works.

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Making an appointment

We provide accessible and timely appointments to patients but there are some things you need to know:

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